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On Demand

With Praxio and UBUS Platform partnership, you offer a more comfortable service, with seat selected, time schedule and follow-up by cell phone.


Regain your Clients

  • Safety: Only companies that have transportation concession and regulation
  • Convenience: Tickets purchase is carried out by means of the app.
  • Control: Of trips, routes taken, values.
  • Agility: GPS information in real-time, with driver location, trip data.
  • Stops only happen by means of boarding or disembarkation, making the trip much faster.
  • Payment Enabled: The app enables payment by means of credit card of ticketing

Provide Transportation On Demand and Gain new Clients

New Demand: Increase the demand of passenger who seek greater comfort in their commuting and do not care about paying a little more to get it. More Passengers: Create new bus, minibus or vans lines for use on demand and use the whole urban transportation infrastructure.

More Comfort and Innovation: Provide the option of buying trips and book seat.




Get strategic information of Client´s behavior.
Gain Clients

Gain Clients

Think about Loyalty Programs
Streamline routes

Streamline routes

Increase the competitiveness as per Apps of individual transportation.

How the acquisition process operates:

Understand Praxio solutions acquisition process to your company.

Understand Praxio solutions acquisition process to your company.


By clicking on the “Get in contact” button, you will fill out a form with our data and, further one or our commercial representatives will call you to arrange a meeting.

Understanding your business:

During the meeting, our staff will understand your business to submit the best Praxio solution available to your company´s profile.

Purchase and implementation:

You will receive a response with the best solution to your company and, after signing the agreement, the system implementation process will be started.