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The platform that changed the way you sell tickets

The Praxio cloud solution that integrates all your sales channels, from the traditional sale at the ticket booth to kiosks, to the onboard sale.

  • Ticket office
  • Onboard ticket sale / e-ticket
  • POS counter
  • Website sales
  • Sales through apps
  • Sales portals

Broaden your performance through a single platform.

No matter how many agencies or how many tickets your company sells monthly, our road ticket sales management platform has native integration with all e-commerce and loyalty programs, and is already prepared for Pricing.

In addition to multiple sales channels, with unique resources in the road passenger transport market, our platform is ready for Pricing- dynamic pricing of interstate bus tickets.

The resource aim to extend price freedom for companies, similar to civil aviation.

How the acquisition process works:

Understand the acquisition process of Praxio solutions for your company.


By clicking on the "Contact Us" button, you will fill out a form with your data, and one of our business representatives will call you later to schedule a meeting.

Understanding your business:

At the meeting, both our solution team and our business team will understand your business, in order to present the best Praxio solution available for your company profile.

Purchase and deployment:

You will receive a proposal with the best solution for your company; we will negotiate values and once the contract is finalized the system deployment process will start.

Would you like to speak with one of our experts to tell what exactly your need is?

Praxio Advantages

A company focused on the segment of passenger road transportation, load, and logistics.

A company focused on the segment of passenger road transportation, load, and logistics.

Praxio is a technology company that has been offering transportation solutions for 30 years.
 Sharp solution.

Sharp solution.

We are 500 professionals working to supporting your business and solving any challenge that your company may face.
 Skilled professionals.

Skilled professionals.

Praxio is a company made up of employees skilled in providing technological solutions for the transportation segment.
 We make the management of your business simpler.

We make the management of your business simpler.

The solutions offer intuitive navigation, ensuring you find quickly relevant information in order to execute your strategic planning.

Solution that simplifies road ticket sales

Praxio offers your business the opportunity to gain native integration with the best web sales portals.

Through this integration, your market share will be optimized.

By building new opportunities and diversifying sales channels, your company can grow by actively participating in the market, using different methods to boost sales.

The platform offered by Praxio brings you concise solutions that improve the functionality of your company's website, giving you the opportunity to manage the sales of tickets that have taken place on your own site with the highest excellence.

Broaden your sales with Praxio Ticket Sale solution