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Shipment Service

Decrease up to 11% on outsourced transportation investment.

With the help of a Praxio, your company will have varied options of suppliers, ensuring a more assertive investment.

Choose from more than 10,000 registered carriers on the platform.

time and money when you carry your cargo.

With Praxio, your company will have the opportunity to choose the best carrier available, taking into consideration the ideal features for your cargo.

A responsive tool that offers practicality in the consultation of freight tables, enabling more assertive decisions in less time.

See the differentials that our solution offers you.

With Praxio, you will be able to choose from more than 10,000 registered carriers on the platform.

Being able to study possibilities considering the characteristics of ideas for their load.

Integrate the Praxio solution into your management system to be practical when performing tasks such as:

  • Freight calculation
  • Confirmation of collections and deliveries
  • Confirmation of payments
  • All integrated into a single 100% responsive tool.

    Have full control of the contracting of transportation.

    From the collection of the merchandise, to the confirmation of delivery to the customer. Everything in real time and without complications.

    Praxio develops its technological solutions with an exclusive focus on practicality and safety, ensuring that our partners have the best experience in the tool.

    There are more than 500 professionals who specialize in offering solutions for your business.

    We understand your business as well as you.

    How the acquisition process works:

    Understand the acquisition process of Praxio solutions for your company.

    Understand the acquisition process of Praxio solutions for your company.


    By clicking on the "Contact Us" button, you will fill out a form with your data, and one of our business representatives will call you later to schedule a meeting.

    Understanding your business:

    At the meeting, both our solution team and our business team will understand your business, in order to present the best Praxio solution available for your company profile.

    Purchase and deployment:

    You will receive a proposal with the best solution for your company; we will negotiate values and once the contract is finalized the system deployment process will start.

    Would you like to speak with one of our experts to tell what exactly your need is?

    Stay free
    of undue payments

    Tool that can automatically identify irregular charges so your company does not suffer from improper payments.

    Receive notification on your management system whenever something is wrong.