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For Chartered

Certainty of smart, economic and fair routes

Spend less time setting routes and assessing scenarios for boarding and disembarkation of passengers in charters


Automatic Planning of routes

Reduce by half the time of routing and save up to 15% mileage. Besides, save Fuel and Tires, making better use of your fleet buses.

Line Audit

Ensure transparency in the relationship with your clients, submitting reports on lines and services hired.

Work hours management

Monitor the drivers’ work hours and reduce costs with overtime and daily rates.

Smart Routes

Use Praxio technology on your behalf!

  • Map your clients, import your data, plan the best routs and monitor your staff and vehicles. All in a web environment.
  • Routing assesses the passengers´ address and creates routes according to features as, for instance, maximum time of passenger on board or the extension of waking allowed, defining the creation of boarding points in a very simple way.

Incredibly Simple

Reduce routing time and save fuel, tires and overtime.