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We offer solutions that match your business needs

We are present in all road transportation and logistics sectors.

For over 30 years, everything we do is based upon our customers’ needs. Therefore, we seek to understand their reality; we place ourselves in their position.

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Urban Passengers

Urban Passengers

Urban road transportation sector has got very distinctive complexities on the operation segment such as scheduling, working shift, collection as well as ticketing.

We have a solution that fits whatever the size of your business.

Road Passengers

Road Passengers

Have at your disposal technological resources that only those who understand your operation can develop in such a specific way:

  • Departure and boarding working shifts;
  • Schedule of vehicles and drivers;
  • Use of luggage racks to send parcels

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Chartering and Tourism

Chartering and Tourism

With Praxio solution for chartering and tourism, your company will have agility in performing tasks such as:

  • Chartering and Continuous Management
  • Tourism and events management
  • Query terminal

Among other features that complement the operation.

Cargo and Logistics

Cargo and Logistics

Reference in the road transportation and logistics market, our ERP brings the benefits of the back office to TMS and WMS in a simple and intuitive way.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the entire process of your operation without the need for human intervention.



Our technological expertise in transportation has broaden our performance to the management of the process of outsourced freight contracts for the transportation of cargo to be shipped.

Our platform is able to audit the price charged against the proposed freight price list.