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Load and Logistics

Artificial intelligence solution for transport, logistics and storage that automates the process with no human intervention.

Increase your tasks effectively and reduce costs with ERP that brings the benefits of the back office, TMS and WMS in a simple and intuitive way.

Artificial intelligence

Get all our expertise at your company's disposal: see how our solutions are developed to help you overcome the challenges of your business.

Our ERP supports:

Full Load FTL

Full Load FTL

Full Load FTL
Net Load

Net Load

Net Load
Fractional Load LTL

Fractional Load LTL

Fractional Load LTL

Tools that set up the solution

Praxio solutions have been developed bearing in mind the typical processes that involve the day-to-day operations of a carrier

  • WMS – Warehouse Management System
  • Storage management
  • Picking
  • Transaction records
  • Inventory
  • App
  • Data Collector - Brazilian Federal Revenue Service
  • Statistics by operator
  • Demand Management

  • Freight quotation
  • Collection Control
  • Parameterizable Freight Price Lists
  • Customer service
  • Management app - with photos

  • Automated Ct-e emission (Brazilian Electronic Bill of Lading)
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles during travelling (maps)
  • Integration with tracking companies
  • Integration with risk management companies
  • CIOT* and PEF* integration (*Brazilian freight operation code and payment systems)
  • Client geolocation with automatic occurrence generation
  • Delivery Deadline Control
  • Control of loading and unloading with collectors
  • Monitoring goods/cargo issues
  • All stages of integrations and tax documents issuing are managed by robots and with no human intervention

  • Smart billing with predefined rules
  • Drivers’ travel arrangements
  • Working Schedule Control
  • Integration with bank systems
  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Cash flow

  • Purchasing Department
  • Inventory

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance control/monitoring
  • Vehicles geolocation tracking
  • Checklist app
  • Supplying
  • Tire Control/Monitoring

  • Balance sheet by business unit, cost center and/or subsidiary
  • Assets control
  • SPED (Brazilian digital tax bookkeeping public system)
  • Issue of Tax Books
  • Brazilian tax calculation: ICMS, Pis and Confins
  • GIA (Brazilian ICMS tax calculation and information)
  • DLPA (Brazilian income statement)

  • Profitability per customer
  • Budget
  • Results per vehicle
  • Management per customer
  • Delivery Performance

Artificial intelligence that automates your business

Artificial intelligence that automates your business

DOC Robot

My job is to generate the transportation documents, but if something does not comply with the rules, I set up alerts.

MAIL Robot

I deliver XML and PDF files to the client and notify the people who are involved in the process.

RISK Robot

I register the released load within the risk managing company and record the feedback information (date, time and registration number) sent by the insurance company.

XML Robot

I am an expert in getting XML files, either by email or through the SEFAZ portal (Brazilian State Department of Finance).


I check the availability of proprietary fleet; in its absence, I contact the third parties contracting area.


My mission is to print the documents in the pre-marked printers; no matter the place, I access the configured printers.


I am in charge of sending information to the other parties involved (SEFAZ, ANTT - the Brazilian National Agency of Land Transportation, Credit Card Companies, etc.).


I carry out accounting generation and tax entries (SPED/Brazil). I also generate revenue from the financial collection.

How the acquisition process works:

Understand the acquisition process of Praxio solutions for your company.

Understand the acquisition process of Praxio solutions for your company.


By clicking on the "Contact Us" button, you will fill out a form with your data, and one of our business representatives will call you later to schedule a meeting.

Understanding your business:

At the meeting, both our solution team and our business team will understand your business, in order to present the best Praxio solution available for your company profile.

Purchase and deployment:

You will receive a proposal with the best solution for your company; we will negotiate values and once the contract is finalized the system deployment process will start.

Would you like to speak with one of our experts to tell what exactly your need is?

Praxio Advantages

A company focused on the segment of passenger road transportation, load, and logistics.

A company focused on the segment of passenger road transportation, load, and logistics.

Praxio is a technology company that has been offering transportation solutions for 30 years.
 Sharp solution.

Sharp solution.

We are 500 professionals working to supporting your business and solving any challenge that your company may face.
 Skilled professionals.

Skilled professionals.

Praxio is a company made up of employees skilled in providing technological solutions for the transportation segment.
 We make the management of your business simpler.

We make the management of your business simpler.

The solutions offer intuitive navigation, ensuring you find quickly relevant information in order to execute your strategic planning.