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Our BI solution will provide support in conducting your strategic planning

KPI for effective data collection:

  • Full control of the operation through an intuitive platform.
  • The solution that guarantees scalability and low investment.
  • Native and direct integration with several databases.

Does your company have a BI solution?

In this case, it is likely that your company is facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • The BI project exists, however, it is not able to deliver concise data to assist the management.
  • There is no single screen added to the KPI view.
  • It is difficult or even impossible to access BI information through the cellular phone due to system's lack of responsiveness.
  • The project started to be implemented, however, the implementation is never completed.
  • The project has been deployed, but it is obsolete and not in use.

In this case, it is likely that your company is facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • You have difficulty tracking the KPI of your business in real time.
  • You need to use a variety of different tools to get relevant information.
  • You receive crucial information very late.
  • In many cases, the numbers received do not match.
  • It promotes complete clutter in IT due to accumulation of emergency reporting requests.

With Praxio BI solution, you will have access to relevant information to make strategic decisions.

  • Receivable / Payable / Default;
  • IPC / IPV / IPK / Free of charge;
  • Revenue and volume per consignor / addressee / taker / State;
  • Customer’s travels/ extra travels / canceled trips / vehicles utilized;
  • Overdue quotations / quotations close to expiring / quotations by agency;
  • MKBF / SOS / corrective actions;
  • Kilometer per liter/ Cost per kilometer;
  • Received orders / Receivable orders / Backlogs / Purchases;
  • Expenses per vehicle / CPK.

Praxio Advantages

Having a Praxio solution is making sure you're choosing a BI solution with expertise in the transportation business.

Easy to use.

We have developed a platform that offers intuitive navigation, making it easy to add new KPIs, and upload CSV files.

Useful automations for day-by-day.

Many processes can be more effective when automated. By following this line of thinking, we have developed a platform capable of contributing to useful automations for your business.

Detailed information.

The value of a Praxio BI solution lies in its ability to provide detailed information, greatly contributing to the execution of a strategic planning.

Increased analytical capability.

With a more efficient data collection and following a correct storage logic, Praxio BI guarantees you the possibility of performing quarterly analysis, even being able to cross data to guarantee a complete understanding of your operational process.

Praxio BI: the best intelligence solution for your business, providing responsiveness and practicality for your management.

How the acquisition process works:

Understand the acquisition process of Praxio solutions for your company.


By clicking on the "Contact Us" button, you will fill out a form with your data, and one of our business representatives will contact you later to schedule a meeting.

Understanding your business:

At the meeting, our team will understand your business, in order to present the best Praxio solution available for your company profile.

Purchase and deployment:

You will receive a proposal with the best solution for your company; we will negotiate values and once the contract is finalized the system deployment process will start.